Fear of a relationship with a successful man. How to overcome this fear?

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digest8_9Many of my students are first interested in the question «How and where you can meet a cool successful man». Having learned the answer from me, most girls pretty quickly meet an interesting, attractive, worthy man. But then they face a serious barrier – the fear of a relationship with such a strong and successful man.

One of my students asked an important question on this theme. For details, read on.



Hello! I had a relationship with a man with the lower vibrations (!)… I think that I have chosen that man for two reasons.

Firstly, in contrast to the men with the lower vibrations, successful ones are more energetic, it’s more interesting to be with them, but more complicated, too.

Secondly: I’m afraid of status males. Although I like them very much and I would like to be with such a man. Tell me how to defeat this fear?

(!) A man with the lower vibrations чis often focused on a bright sexuality, on getting satisfaction, on sex. He is attracted by different partners, so these men easily and shamelessly cheat on their halves.

Typically, they are too emotional and, at the same time, less serious in relation to their families. Men with the lower vibrations try to avoid, or to shift the responsibility for the welfare of the family to a woman, so they often get divorced.



Fear is generated by a lack of confidence. Probably your self-esteem is damaged!


You need to be confident in the fact that you are a goddess! Explain to yourself why this is so. Think of all your advantages and benefits.

Exercise for you

Every time you are dissatisfied with yourself, praise yourself 5 or even 10 times instead of berating yourself!) Find the reason to be praised.

Also to strengthen your faith in yourself, you need to understand the psychology of successful men, so that you can prepare to communicate with them.

Remember how you aced exams! You were ready for the exam, knew the subject, its theory and practice. And successful men are hell of examiners and provocateurs!  


P.S. Tell me, did you meet in your life, or even build a relationship with a man with the lower vibrations? What were your reasons? Tell about it in the comments.

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