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“My story is a story of a mom with a small daughter, who stopped believing in happiness but practically met her destined man on the second date”.

How did I find out about Juliia Lanske?

Once I received an email that invited me to attend one of Juliia Lanske’s webinars. I went there out of pure interest. At that time I thought:” I would go, find out something new.” Because, generally, I like attending seminars, workshops, and listening to different specialists’ presentations. Moreover, I was really interested in the topic: the topic about relationships between a man and a woman.

The first acquaintance

The webinar lasted quite long, about three hours, and finished way past the midnight. The things I had heard deeply reflected on my soul. I got many insights, many important and really valuable recommendations regarding creation of relationships. I understood that was exactly what I needed. I really liked it and I subscribed to mailing gladly. Having read the invitations I started attending all the webinars if I had a slightest opportunity. I was entirely absorbed with the learning atmosphere and it lasted for 3-4 years.

From the theory to practice

I went from passive participation in webinars to practice. I started to take part in trainings and the first one was an express-training “A successful date”. It had just started so I got into one of the first streams. The atmosphere that was at the training, an opportunity to ask a question and to get an answer, and jokes, fascinated and filled with positive. I found out so many things about relationships: how to build them in a right way, what the difference is between a man and a woman and how differently we perceive the reality.


I got the main idea- how different we are and that without preparation, without special quality knowledge that really show where and what the difference is, what you should draw your attention to first, you cannot create a successful family. All of this gives an opportunity to find the one and the only man for the whole life but not just to have a good time for a couple of weeks.

Changing myself: the onset

After a “The date” course I signed up for a “Grace” course, where I got self-confidence. I attended it on purpose and trained a lot. I changed my posture that helped me greatly in communication with men. Juliia rented a villa for this course and taught the classes from there, showed plasticity because she wanted to do it not from home but in the nature with its natural energy, when the sea was plashing, the sun was shining and wind was shaking palms.

I met my husband right after the training

After the training “Grace” I decided to bring in “heavy” tools and to attend an express course “The successful happy marriage”. It took up the whole summer and a part of September. I was amazed with results. I woke up from the rigor “my life is over”. In fact, I was reborn again. I went online and started to go on dates, to communicate with men and quite soon I met my husband on a dating site.

In a month we were already dating quite often, and in three months he proposed to me. In April we had our wedding.

I asked to wait up to the spring because it is the most pleasant time for the wedding. Also I wanted to be completely sure that the man of my choice was the man I needed indeed. And the life showed that it was really so.

Why was it exactly HIM?

I saw straight away that he was a mature, noble, and respectable man, who could see His Woman at once and wouldn’t let her go. He surrounds her with care, attention and tries to be next to her, to eliminate other possible opponents. I realized how it was nice to feel care, support and attention from such a man. You give in to this feeling and start to feel as a Real Woman.

What has Juliia Lanske given to me?

After the coaching my life has totally changed. Now I’m happy, married to a beloved man. We have a wonderful family with my daughter from a previous unsuccessful marriage. I’ve become a totally different person and got unbelievable self-confidence. It turned out, that in my thirties I simply didn’t know how to build relationships in a right way: what I wanted from them, what I needed from my man. And only due to those webinars and trainings, that I’ve taken, I understood, who I’ m really looking for and what I can give them myself.

My RECIPES of happiness

Recipe#1: do not listen to other people, because even the nearest and dearest can put spokes into your wheel. Don’t be afraid to hurt anybody. Listen to yourself and your wishes.

Recipe#2: find the person who will help you to take the necessary steps and will guide you in a right way. I was lucky enough to meet Juliia Lanske.

Recipe#3: find the strength to open your heart for love. Don’t be afraid to be hurt by defeat. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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