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“This is a story of a not young woman with two children, who got her second youth back and stopped to be afraid of men.”


By my 64 years I’d completely lost all the hope simply to be a woman

I was a master of sports in gymnastics, worked as a design engineer. And for the past 12 years I’ve been working in network marketing to support financially my children and my mom. Twenty years ago my husband left us and I struggled to survive during the wild nineties. All these years I didn’t get any help. I didn’t even hear a kind word of support. I thought that I would never be able to be womanish, tender, and kind anymore.

I was like Rosie the Riveter

A socially dangerous woman

Yes, one of my acquaintances called me exactly with these words. She said that I was smart, wise, could talk effectively, and looked well but… It’s dangerous to communicate with me closely, because it is possible that her husband will leave her for me. My self-esteem was significantly lower, but the people, who surrounded me, saw a rival in me because I didn’t have a man. The women were afraid that I would want to compete for their spouses.

An armored tortoise

Juliia called me this way, and she told me that I should open myself. I was really scared of men. Even if somebody drew his attention to me on a bus, I got extremely tensed inside, and was terrified that if he liked me, he would come to me to get acquainted?! To come and to get acquainted myself first was even more impossible for me.

My first meeting with Juliia Lanske

I was in the second group of a marriage coaching and I was the eldest there. I met Juilia on a free webinar that lasted from 6 o’clock in the evening to 8 o’clock in the morning. It’s unbelievable, that such a long and somehow even exhausting webinar gave so much inspiration that I told myself:

Even if I couldn’t manage to be happy at the end, I would do everything possible to be one.

There is no magic wand

We are all creators of our future. But, nevertheless, Juliia’s put into us a lot and the result is amazing: a great number of women from our group are happily married now. But we’ve done a lot work for this. We’ve trained, worked, made about 1, 500 photos, got a myriad of recommendations. I’ve transformed: I’ve changed my appearance and even my posture, and started to attend fitness classes.

How I stopped to be afraid of men

On the trainings I saw many handsome, muscular, young men and I started my practice on them. And I was taking to myself that nobody would jump at me for this. I came to them, talked, and asked for minor things, and my fears started to gradually dissolve. And one day I noticed that I even began to flirt with them! I was learning to smile to men, to ogle, to behave in a right way and even to turn a more attractive part of my face to them. I used all the Juliia’s recommendations.

How I became a Woman

A Women with the capital letter indeed. I hadn’t considered myself as a one at all before, but step by step, during the training, I was changing. I dyed my hair, started to make manicure and pedicure, put make-up and to reveal myself totally I began to attend… belly-dancing classes at my age. I started wearing skirts instead of pants, stopped making man-like movements and become not just a mom and a housewife, but a woman that paid attention to her.

The people that knew me were startled with my transformation. I became a woman who is noticeable.

You are a fascinating madam!

And it was the time to go online and to start to get acquainted with men. How scared I was!

I thought at that time:” I’m so old that it’s a shame even to write about my age”. But when I saw that the girls from my group were getting married one by one, I dared to. I put my profile and photos on a dating site. My first cavalier was a 90-year old man from Amsterdam. And then numerous men started to draw their attention to me, and I began to choose who I wanted to communicate with and who not. I chatted with a 48-year old man, who didn’t pay attention to our age gap at all. He told me that I was such a fascinating madam, and he was even ready to come to me for a real meeting.

How I met MY man

When I had already improved my English and communicated with foreigners fluently, a man from Ufa suddenly came into my life who wrote that he had found me on social networks. He wanted to call me and to hear my voice. He liked it so much that asked me for a personal meeting straight away. I answered that I was very busy but I had a training and he could come there. And he came!

He appeared to be a gentleman, sportsman, and even a dancer. He worked as a supervisor and was much younger than me. We talked, drank tea and I was so full of excitement. Since that time he wrote me every morning that he thought about me. We went to the theaters, cafes, and I understood how great it was to walk and to be accompanied by a pleasant cavalier and to get flower bouquets and myriad of compliments.

I’ve started to flourish and become a totally different person. And there is a man next to me, who calls me his dear one and enhances even more my feminine vibe.

He proposed to me, but I don’t see any sense in it. I am totally satisfied with my current status. This romance, dating, candles, cakes, dances, and kisses of my hand.  It is MY HAPPINESS.

Who stops you from getting your personal happiness?

When I come with my man to celebrations, the acquaintances in their forties tell me: “Galina, at your age you’ve managed to take such a perspective man from us!” And my niece dreams to have such relationships at that age. But who prevents you from stretching your hand and reaching out for it? There are plenty of decent men, and there is nothing impossible, believe in yourself!

If your heart is beating for someone, it means that this someone SHOULD BE!

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