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“My story is a story of a mother of three children, who decided not to look for happiness anymore, but was the first in the group whom had proposed an Englishman”.

I interrupt silence

I was a very shy person and had been working on myself for a long time learning how to be more open in communication. Even having found my love, the first two-three years I was afraid of talking about it. It seemed that my happiness would pour through the words, leave and melt.

Now, when I’ve lived for a long time in a harmonious family, I dare to tell about my private things and a personal experience.

How I came to the training

On the Internet I was looking for the answer on how and with whom I could be happy and how I could find my second half. And accidently I ran into Juliia Lanske. I’m sure that if you’re looking for anything, you’ll attract what you need at this particular moment. My problems were in that I couldn’t communicate with men on dating sites, because I was afraid that they could tell about themselves what they wanted and could pretend to be anybody (I ‘ve come across such men). But I understood that I should let the situation be to open myself and to find somebody really worthy.

I was training till the morning

I recall my first months on the courses. It was really difficult both for me and for Juliia. I came from work, sent my children to bed, took the laptop, climbed into bed, listened to Lanske and when the training finished, it was already 4 o’clock in the morning in Ural. There were just two hours left for sleep then I had to wake my daughters, to walk them to kindergarten and school, but later it turned out that such sleepless nights were worth it. I worked on myself, read what helped me to develop like a personality, listened to the courses with delight and was really inspired by them. And once, when I had learnt how to fill-in the profiles correctly, had a professional photoshoot, there were hundreds emails on my mailbox.

I decided to stop looking for my destiny

Every man seemed too good to be true, “the one I was looking for”. My head was about to burst from all the information. And at the state of such a strong stress, I decided that I DIDN’T WANT ANYTHING. I deleted my profiles from all the matchmaking websites. Moreover, my course was coming to the end and I felt that I really needed to make such a pause. It was on the second of April, I logged into the site, where I had been registered and I got numerous different offers to delete my profile, because my heart was silent and didn’t react on any particular man. And suddenly a man’s long letter caught my eye. It didn’t look like other letters that are sent to everyone, this email was addressed exactly to me.

Why did I respond to my future husband’s email?

I was impressed, that he had opened my data, where I put not so much information about me, and told everything about himself and asked a question:

Are you ready to be not only his woman and lover but also his life partner?

I replied that time would tell and it urged him even more. I sent Juliia photos of both of us straight away, she looked and said: “You even look the same”. I was inspired to stay on the site, to keep chatting with him. And at the same evening he asked me to give him my phone number, because it was very important for him to hear my voice.

“I want to come to you”

On the 2nd of April he sent his first letter to me, called me for the first time on the phone and via skype and in five days he asked me a question how and when he could fly to me? I responded not giving any definite wish, not “Come. I’m waiting for you. I’ll be glad to see you”, no, I wrote that there were 5-6 flights a day from Moscow to my city. He didn’t appear to be a man that tells and doesn’t do, but he turned out to be a personality, that does first and then tells.

How a mother of three was pursuing her personal happiness?

At first, my daughters were extremely glad but then began to doubt and to say that they went to school in Russia, how would they adapt to new environment? We came to England on Christmas and were impressed with this fairytale winter but we were still scared of total changes in our life. But my husband absolutely proved himself as a really caring father, having chosen a private education establishment to give them the best custody.

My present life

I was a closed woman with three daughters without any hope for the future. Now I live near the sea and enjoy the view of waves out of my windows. I’m studying at a dietetics school and soon I get an international certificate. I started to learn how to draw,to take photos and also I travel a lot. I’m really happy.

It’s only you, who chooses but you should remember: it is not that easy to achieve anything.

My recommendations

Believe in yourself, improve self-esteem, act in fact but not just in words and be honest with yourself. You need not just want to but work as well. Look for your place in the world, advance with small steps but steady and thank the world for living and the chance to be happy.

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