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“My story is a story of a happy woman, who met her husband in half a year after finishing the training”.


How I found myself at Juliia Lanske’s training

On the Internet I was specifically looking for the training on how to get married. And I ran into Juliia Lanske’s email and started to attend her free webinars. Then I bought a short course and understood that I wouldn’t manage to succeed alone. One thing is to listen to recommendations and a totally different one is to work face-to-face. I even got a credit to buy the training. I wanted so much to work on myself effectively.

I started the training with the strong belief that even if I wouldn’t get married, I would change myself, raise my own status and become more self-confident. And then something would change for better in any case.

Miraculous transformation

I did absolutely everything that Juliia Lanske told me and saw that all these principles work. It was totally unbelievable to observe that right in front of my eyes other participants were radically changing: some of them came as ugly ducklings and then turned into beautiful swans. I wasn’t an exception.

How I met my future husband

I finished my coaching at the beginning of 2014. I started to chat with men and in October my future husband wrote me. In 6 month we were already married! I was caught by his question:” What should I do to be with such a woman like you?” There was just one bad photo in his profile, which I didn’t like but I didn’t hear from him trivial phrases like from others, something like: “You’re so sexy”. He just expressed his eagerness to fulfill my wishes.

The onset of our communication

Because I was in doubts regarding his appearance, I asked him to arrange our meeting via Skype. I told him that he had to become a protestant to be with me and he responded: “I will do anything for you”. Then we talked a lot on Skype, and I liked him so much. It was really interesting to be with him! And soon after I had a birthday and when he asked me what present I would have liked for it, I answered: “A ticket to France”-“To me?!’”To you” We had known each other for about a month by that moment, and we met in a real life.

The first meeting

He met me at the airport and I liked him even more. He radiated such confidence and peace. I said at once that before the wedding we wouldn’t have any close relationships. He was horrified: “How can I be next to such a woman and have no possibility to touch her?”, but answered that for me he was ready to accept any conditions and to do anything possible so we could be together.

I had no doubts that he was my man!

The leave

He didn’t want to let me go to Russia so much that he even bought tickets to fly away with me. But he didn’t think that he would need a visa to arrive to my country. He hugged me and cried a lot at the airport. And as soon as I returned home he asked me to come back to him. He said that he couldn’t realize New Year holidays without me. Our relationships have been developing very fast and now I’m with him in France.

The difficulties of translation

In a couple of months my friend wrote me. She sympathized with me because she thought that it was difficult for me to adapt and to get used to a new place. And that I was missing Russia. But it was so good to be with him that I felt like home in a foreign country, without any discomfort! I had no problems even with a language barrier; however, we spoke English that I also didn’t know well, having improved it by chatting on the Internet. Now I speak French much better than English.

I’m his happiness

When I saw him, I understood at once that he was my person, and I wasn’t mistaken. I wasn’t even worried about changing all my life, moving to another country. He has everything what I‘ve wanted and even more that I have dreamt about. He spends time with me, helps me with everything. He makes me compliments all day long and says every day: “Thank you God for my wife!” He speaks with all his friends and acquaintances only about me: “This is my wife, she’s unique and I’m so happy!”

From all these things I become more and more self-confident and the wings behind my back are growing faster.

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