Elena Kravchuk

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«Hello, Julia!

I wanted to write you for a long time and thank you for all the good things you do for women. Honestly, I came to The Coaching for a Marriage, not really hoping for success. I’m not one of those bright women who men like, moreover, without much experience in communicating with them. The age – although I didn’t think that life was over, I was sure that all good things which happen in the youth are already behind. But then I realized that life can and should be enjoyed even at the age over forty. It was interesting to watch how I was changing both internally and externally — it was hard for me, but seeing how better and more confident me was getting – it was worth all those efforts. I really liked Julia’s attitude, faith in every girl, woman, individual work with everyone, constant improvement of both external and internal image of a woman. It was not easy for girls, and for Julia as well. I saw that Julia really likes taking care of the girls and leading them to the result, and she gave herself, as they say, to the fullest. It is very important when you understand and see that there is someone who wants to help you.
I met my husband during coaching programme. He is French and has a small business. He flew to me in a month after the beginning of the correspondence. On the second day he offered to visit him (he took all the expenses). Flights from one country to another lasted until the end of the year. And a month ago we registered our marriage.»

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