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My name’s Julia Lanske. I’m an expert in building up relationships with intelligent men and the author of «The Algorithm of a Happy Family Life»

For more than 7 years I’ve been happily married to a beloved and a loving noble man and bringing up a wonderful son.

MY MISSION lies in creating as many happy temples of the family as possible. Encouraging the establishment of marriage in Russia, I’m standing for the birth to happy, long-awaited and beloved children in harmonious families.

I strongly believe that every woman deserves to have a happy relationship with a beloved and a loving man!

On the website, seminars, masterclasses and trainings you’ll find lots of practical, useful information and you’ll find out:

  • How to marry a nobleman and to have a love-match.
  • How to make a man fall for you
  • Discover the secrets of the communication with men.
  • I’m not a theorist, I’m a practician.



For more than 4 years I’ve been helping women to have an insight into themselves, to become successful and to both get married to a nobleman and to have a love marriage. I give practical advice : where to meet a man, how to behave on the first date, how to find a good husband,a decent  life partner and a future father for your children. I’ve discovered a unique ability to see from the photo all the person’s features. I can define to the nearest 98%  your personal traits and suggest the ways where you need to work on to pursue your personal happiness. The programmes on my courses, that don’t have any analogues neither in Russia nor in the near abroad countries, are designed so as a woman could get a high quality result on the lesson itself. The members meet and build up the relationships with noblemen,high-ranking, and wildly successful businessmen.


I’ve got three higher education degrees and three diplomas with honors: Russian, European and American. I’m well-familiar with  men’s psychology when they are in love and in relationships with women. More than 23 years I’d been studying the perception intricacies and the peculiarities of noblemen’s taste and preferences, when I worked as a top-manager for the world’s leading companies.

I’ve cooperated with elite brands. I’ve worked together with successful men from the top business circles: chiefs, сorporation owners, millionaires and billionaires as a part of numerous projects of Auction House Sotheby’s, car racing Formula 1, Bentley Motors, Business regattas and the International Economic Forums. All these years I have been observing and analyzing what kind of women noblemen do prefer,who they choose to set up the relationships with and who they actually get married to. After 8 years of an active search for my own man. I’ve worked out the concept of «happy marriage». The main point is to attract men first and then to choose among them. Using my own “The Algorithm of a Happy Family Life”, I‘ve managed both to marry a nobleman and to have a love-match . Having gained my personal happiness on my own, I made mistakes and got priceless experience. My technique helped me to find my own second to none man. I met my future husband in 3 month after I had placed my profile on the website and a year later he made me a proposal! In 2013 I founded a project called «The Boutique of Life Transformation by Julia Lanske» due to which every woman can find her beloved nobleman, and to have a meaningful relationship and a happy marriage with him.

Taking advantages of the opportunities given by The Boutique, every woman will go comfortably and consistently through the 5 basic stages of “ a successful marriage” concept such as:

  1. Woman’s preparing for relationships: internal and external transformation.
  2. Acquaintance and skills of communication with men.
  3. Choosing YOUR life partner.
  4. Creating of harmonious relationships.
  5. Marriage and kids.

On the basis of my project I founded a Private Elite Matchmaking Agency. ”Lanske Elite Matching Boutique” is a modern portal that employs an individual approach to each member. The agency was created to help busy successful men and women to find each other for the creation of harmonious families based on love and mutual understanding..

The members of the agency are decent Russian-speaking women from all the parts of the world: CIS, Europe, and America. All of them are my trainees, who have accomplished the training successfully. They are free from any relationships and have a firm intention to get married.


This is my high calling. I ‘m really thankful for my good fortune to have the opportunity to help women to reveal their uniqueness , to transform them outside and inside, to be able to lead them by the proven way to true Love and Happiness. Strongly believe that every woman deserves to have a happy relationship with a loving and a beloved man!

My website contains everything that will help you to do away with loneliness and to get a happy marriage!

Here you can find:

  • Dates of upcoming webinars, masterclasses and trainings
  • Valuable advice where to meet men and how to create harmonious relations, leading to a marriage
  • Useful videos and articles how to communicate and build relationships, how to find a good husband and to attain true sense of women’s happiness.

And if you :

Want to give up loneliness forever and meet your true love dream to meet and get married to a beloved nobleman

Long to choose the right and happy scenario of marriage



Welcome to “The Boutique of Life Transformation”!

Every week I give open seminars, where you can get unique knowledge and effective instruments to transform your life and get to know me better.

Make the first step towards happy personal life!