What is a successful man looking for in his beloved one? 12 qualities of a woman he does not want to let go

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What is a successful man looking for in his favored one? A beautiful face, a top model’s figure, an opera diva’s voice? Maybe…

But a spectacular appearance is not enough to make a man to give you his heart for ever.

So, meet 12 most important qualities of a woman that a successful man will not let go of his embrace for anything in the world.


 A man, even the most successful, needs an intelligent and wise woman. If he has something to talk about and something to discuss after work at dinner with his beloved one, it means that the day was a success the whole nine yards.

Live mind and the breadth of vision will definitely help you not only to charm a man during your first meeting, but also to delight him during many years of your family life


Beauty is an abstract and personal notion. But femininity is quite specific. One either has it or not.

For a successful man femininity in his beloved one is important in everything: in clothing, walking, movements, voice, in the presence. A man needs a woman, and you can’t forget about it, especially when you are trying to put on old jeans and a stretched sweater in front of him again.

Try to always remain feminine, take care of yourself in every spare moment, love yourself and pamper yourself with various trifles.



Kindness and care – that’s what men value not less than the looks. A successful man needs a woman’s care and affection, so try to show it as often as possible, and not only in the beginning of the relationship, but also throughout your family life.


Of course, this is the most important quality for a woman in a relationship with a man. When a woman loves, she loves with all her heart. A successful man feels the love of his significant other, you do not even need to talk about it out loud. He will feel everything himself.


In the later stages of the relationship it happens that the life together becomes dull and monotonous. Therefore, it is important for a woman to have a living energy, flexibility and a positive attitude.

Do not sit idly by, get engaged in interesting things, travel, go to exhibitions, meet with friends and engage your man in these activities. Share your energy with him. Sometimes he needs it badly …


If both partners are totally stubborn, they can’t find a compromise. But if you are a wise woman, then you are sure to be flexible and be able to compromise with your beloved one.

I’m not telling you to give everything, sacrificing yourself for him. No! The compromise is a profitable solution for both partners.

Today you go for a compromise, and tomorrow he will. This is the key to a healthy relationship.


A successful man appreciates a woman’s honesty. And it’s not just about the age and the parental status. 🙂

A little lie, like a snowball, day by day grows around with another lie and becomes a huge threat to a relationship.

Be honest with your loved one. Tell the truth, answering his questions. And most importantly, do not be silent, if you see that your man is wrong or mistaken in something. Tell him honestly about it.


Here it is important to have the harmonious combination of these qualities. A man and a woman in a relationship are partners, so it is important to use the strength of a character when it is really required. For example, to help your man to decide something very important, support or inspire to new achievements. But it is important not to take the male role!

At appropriate moments show feminine weakness. Show him that you need his protection, his strong man’s shoulder …



Life, rich in adventures, thrills and passion is worth living it together.

Excite your man with an ardent passion not only in bed, but also in relation to everything in your life together!


Men are polygamous by nature and tend to diversity. Therefore, try to surprise your man, try on different roles and images. Experiment both in the bedroom and in the kitchen. Intrigue, play, have fun. Do not let him get bored.


For a successful man it is important that his woman lives a real life, and tries to achieve an important purpose. And it does not matter whether this goal is to become a great actress, an artist, a business-woman, or the best mom in the world.




Probably the most important condition for a long, strong and happy relationship with a beloved man is a kinship of souls.

And I’m not going to tell you how to become a soulmate for a successful man. The kinship of souls are two halves of one whole. You have to find your own one to create something that is worth living for.

Believe me, if a man feels this invisible, but strong connection, he is here to stay!


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