5 reasons why a man will be fascinated by you

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digest10_5For an interesting, intelligent, resourceful and charming woman, nothing is impossible. Any strong, high-status and successful man can throw himself at her mercy. And for that she did not have to be a sultry beauty from the cover of the magazine, because the wise women have their secret weapon.

And what kind of a weapon it is and how to use it, read further.

Stunning appearance, exquisite clothes and a luxurious handbag from the world famous brand are just the tip of the iceberg of how a successful man perceives a woman. Of course, beautiful appearance will add you more than a dozen points. BUT!

An elegant external image is rather a weapon of mass destruction, and today we will talk about more subtle and more precise weapon.

5 accurate shots right in…

… The heart and the mind of a man. And your secret weapon is a cool, easy, “tasty” and fascinating dialogue!

Frankly speaking: the ability to communicate with successful men is 70% of your success in finding a loved one and building relationships with him.


5 reasons why a successful man will no longer be willing to let you go:

Reason 1. You perfectly understand the psychology of status men. You know precisely how he perceives your words or actions. You recognize easily male provocations and just as easily pass them.

Reason 2. You are able to interest a man, attract and hold his attention. And in masterly fashion you use not only the words, but the body language also: gestures, facial expressions, posture.

Reason 3. You make an impression of an interesting and attractive woman. And not only for him! Everyone around sees how you are speaking, sitting, gesticulating and how enthusiastically a man is listening to you.

Reason 4. You can easily and freely communicate with successful men, can support any conversation topic, stay loose and relaxed. It’s worth it, especially in the company of status people.

Reason 5. You excite in a man the desire to see you again and again. Your behavior during the talk, your openness and manners, the ability to put an ellipsis instead of a full stop ignites the interest in a man – those are the secret “perks”, which guarantee you the second, the third … the fifth meeting.

If you do not see yourself in these descriptions, do not worry! It only means that you are still ahead, because you can acquire such a weapon as “delicious dialogue”, and you will be able to do it very soon!


From November 1 to 8 a unique open training “Secrets Of Skilful Communication With Successful Men”, will be held, where we, Julia Lanske and Alexander Rapoport, will tell you about all the subtleties and nuances of communication with successful men.



  • The art of an effective compliment to a successful man
  • Techniques of drawing attention and maintaining the interest for you
  • The know-how of a “delicious dialogue” with successful men

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