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“My story is a story of a 59-year old woman, who regarding her age, got married to a foreigner and moved to Sweden”.


I’m from Lithuania. Once my friends introduced me to Juliia Lanske and we liked each other instantly. I go for psychology, work in medicine, and I got very interested in it. I started to listen to her, like people listen to a weather forecast when the sun would shine through the clouds and when the heart would spark…Everything ended up in Juliia’s coming to Sweden to my wedding.

The first date with my future husband

I remember our first meeting. I was myself; he asked questions, I answered them. Now I can’t even say what we were talking about. I forgot because he had such beautiful blue eyes and I couldn’t turn my eyes from them. I was attracted by him so much but the meeting was coming to the end. He walked mе home, hugged and I thought: “Oh, my God! What a wonderful feeling!” I lost my balance, couldn’t sleep the whole night and I was totally confused. I realized that I had to do something but I didn’t know what.

We were slow starters but fast finishers

I had been learning to create the relationships for three years when I met my man who I fell in love with. He melted my heart, but our relationships weren’t developing fast. They were developing for around two years. Before it we tried to get to know each other better for half a year. He is younger than me, goes in for sport. Once we went to a hockey match when the goal was scored I hugged and kissed him. And everything started. I kissed him in a chick to express gratitude when he drove me home and they were small steps to greater intimacy.

A marriage …at the age of 60

The main sign for me that our relationships were serious was that he had introduced me to his parents and friends. My future husband was in a hurry with engagement because there should have been one more year before the wedding. However, in the end we got married much faster.

My man is the best and the most genuine, and he needs me even at my age of 60.

I hadn’t believed in myself and I hadn’t  known before that I was the best woman in the world and I didn’t understand what I did and how to do it correctly. Your happiness can be in your hand. You simply need to open your palm towards it. The feelings should be supported and developed even if you are already married.

When I met my future husband and he proposed to me, I came and I wrote on each seminar that everyone should listen to Juliia, I thanked her each time with all my heart. I told girls that even at that age personal happiness could be and you could get married in your late fifties and be a beloved wife.

The husband about Klara:

She is my sun.

She is sunshine in my life.

I felt it from the very first moment.

My advice

Girls, if you want to be happy, listen to Juliia Lanske. Then you’ll definitely find your man. There are a lot of your second halves, indeed, but you just haven’t noticed them yet. Be yourselves, genuine and remember that your weapon is your love. You can’t imagine it yet how powerful this weapon is. Love with all your heart, than the man will be at your feet. He won’t even notice your weaknesses if you give him such a happy harmony.

I wish you to be happy!

Live, go for a walk, seek! You can meet your destiny in a shoe shop and even at the cemetery. Who knows where it is waiting for you? Even if you haven’t been satisfied with ten offers, the eleventh will definitely be YOURS! It doesn’t matter how old you are. Be natural, do not copy anybody else. Listen to what other people say but choose what your heart is for. Make efforts only for yourself and radiate energy.

Shine! Flourish!

Be womanish!

Make happy your man and yourself!

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