Digest No 7 “New life is already knocking on your door. Will you open? “

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Hello, my dear reader!

As they say – seek and you shall find, knock on the doors – and they will be opened…

The last week of winter is ending. Some time more and a warm spring sun will melt the dirty patches of snow. I really want warm weather to come into your life. I wish spring streams to carry away all your tears, despair, grief and loss. And with the first vegetation I wish you to have hope and confidence in the fact that this year you are sure to succeed.

I’m sure that with the first spring rays of the sun your life will begin to change – it will become bright, full, interesting. One has only to wish!

And as for me I will surely encourage you by helpful advice and practical suggestions.


Enjoy your reading!


Your personal and shortest way to happiness

Event of the week

Your personal and shortest way to happiness

Unfortunately, we can’t predict our future. It is impossible to say exactly what will happen in a month, a week, or even tomorrow. Life is an unpredictable thing, and its main charm is in its unpredictability 🙂

I’m not Nostradamus either, but one thing I know for sure – the first day of spring will likely change the lives of many of my students. And now I’ll tell you why.

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One man confessed that I was the only one who hadn’t failed his provocation...

Review of the week

«One man confessed that I was the only one who hadn’t failed his provocation…»

I recently separated from my husband, with whom we were in a so called “rollover marriage”. Having rushed to search for a new, harmonious relationship with a decent man, I realized that internally I am not ready to meet the “man of my dreams”. As I again began to attract men weaker than me, made mistakes in communication and could fall into the trap of the old behavior script again.

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Video of the week

How to become unique, loved and desired for HIM?

It is impossible to sweep a successful man off his feet, win or achieve. It is originally a false path that does not lead you to a happy relationship.

But how to behave, what to do to impress a high-status man and create a warm feeling from him? I’ll tell you in my new video about this.


Большая игра маленькой скромной девушки или Как понравиться успешному мужчине

Tip of the week

Big game of a modest little girl or How to impress a successful man

Once I had a friend, let’s call her Anna. The girl was quite ordinary, nothing standing out from the crowd. She had short blond hair and big blue eyes. Anya was short, wore glasses and preferred sports style clothing. Nothing out of the common, there are hundreds of such girls…

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