”I am in a state of absolute confidence now! After these 5 days I have changed and transformed”

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comm3Maria became a participant of the unique live training-metamorphosis “You are magnificent and desirable” which took place in the beautiful city of Vienna.

The rich program of training included practical seminars, lessons on plasticity and choreography, work with stylists, photographers and many other things.

Maria shared her impressions of participation in the live training “You are magnificent and desirable”:

“My friends tell me: “You are different!” – and it is true. I came there with a secret hope to change.

At first there was very little hope, but every new day it was getting bigger and bigger. There came confidence that everything happening there would bring me all I had been dreaming and thinking of.” Within only a week of the training participants changed their look and transformed their inner world radically, plunged into the charming atmosphere of royal Austria, got acquainted with handsome successful men.

“I am in a state of absolute confidence now! After these 5 days I have changed and transformed. I have returned to myself those female qualities which I lost and I have purchased new ones, necessary for my happy life. Thanks a lot to Yulya Lanske, Alexander Rapoport for their huge work: for a short time they managed to do what we often cannot do for ourselves for many years.”

Live training in Vienna


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