«… We have been living together for 8 months. I enjoy my female happiness. I thought it was something unreal. The man has found a common ground with my child …»

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Elena Gorenkova met Yulia Lanske at the festival «Reflections» in Holland and told about her transformation and changes in private life.

“… I could come to Yulia only the last day. And Yulia’s energy along with those enthusiastic responses from girls which I heard here and there and literally a couple of phrases told in my address inspired me so that I bought the course right after arrival home. And started working on it. And I, at last, met my man”.

Elena shares not only the progress, but also thу way she managed to come to results:

” I studied a video course of «A Happy Marriage», and from time to time I attended open webinars … I wrote down everything, step by step. I worked it on and  –  really met Him on the Internet. For now we have been living together for 8 months”.

“We got acquainted, for some time we communicated on Skype. Then after a few months of skyping, he saw me, but I didn’t see him. He had no webcam. I just had a picture of him.

First he fell in love with my voice. He told me that. Then we met. For the first time we met in Tallin, then he came to me and our communication started this way “.

At first Elena was afraid to believe that she had found HER man, she thought it couldn’t be so.

“When I realized that our interests coincided and so did my expectations about him, I couldn’t believe it.

I thought it was something unreal. But it turned out that way!”.

Today she is an absolutely happy, self-confident woman who has created her female happiness herself.

“Now I enjoy my female happiness. Exactly as women consider it to be. Care, flowers, gifts. It is very important for me that this man has found a common ground with my child. My son is 12 years and it is such a complicated age. Surprisingly I am here now, and they are at home and everything is right.

He has already made me a proposal and presented with a ring. He has already introduced me to his parents”.

And at the beginning of the training Elena didn’t even believe that the technique worked

“Of course! If there is a result, so it works. Though at first – I did not really … I was rather skeptical. As the businesswoman, at first I try everything very carefully. And if I am involved, I go all the way till the end.

This is Yulia’s result, too, because of her huge help, because she invests so much energy into the webinars. They last to the last question therefore it’s not necessary to doubt, it is necessary to go. Go ahead and step by step. As soon as you are ready, it is necessary to go”.

Elena from the training “A successful and happy marriage”


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