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Let me introduce myself to you!

My name is Julia Lanske, I am an expert in creating relations with successful men, an author of the effective "Algorithm of a happy marriage".

For more than 6 years I have been happily married to a loving and beloved successful man, and we bring up a wonderful son.

On the website, at my seminars, master classes and trainings you will find a lot of practical useful information and you learn:

  • How to marry a loving and beloved successful man;
  • How to get a man to fall in love with you;
  • Secrets of communicating with men.

My MISSION is to help to create as many happy family temples as possible. Promoting the formation of the Institute of marriage, I stand up for birth of happy, long-awaited and beloved children in nuclear families.

I am not a theoretician, I am - practice!


  • For more than 3 years I have been helping women to understand themselves, to become happy and to marry successful loving and beloved men. I give efficient advice: where to get acquainted with such men, how to behave at the first appointment, how to find a good husband, a worthy partner in life and would-be father of your children.
  • I have revealed a unique capability "to see" traits of a personality in the photo. I can determine features of your personality with an accuracy of 98% and prompt the directions in which you should head for achievement of your personal happiness.
  • The program of my courses have no analogs neither in Russia, nor in the neighboring countries. They are worked out for women to get a high-quality result even within the training. The participants of my programs meet and start relationships with successful men (aristocrats, millionaires, successful businessmen)



  • I have three higher educations and three diplomas with honors: Russian, European and American.
  • I am aware of psychology of male mind concerning love and relations with women. For more than 16 years I have been seriously studiying subtleties of perception, characteristics of tastes and preferences of successful men, working as the top manager in the leading world companies.
  • I cooperated with elite brands: Nestle, Nescafe, Maximum, JTI, Edrington Group, etc. I worked with successful men from the business majors: heads, owners of corporations, millionaires and billionaires within numerous projects of the Auction House of Sotheby's, the High-speed Race Formula 1, Bentley Motors, Business regattas and the International Economic Forums.
  • All these years I have been observing and analyzing which women are favourable to successful men, with whom they make relations and whom they marry.
  • After 8 years of active searching for my man, I have worked out the concept of "a successful marriage". The key point of it is to attract successful men first, and then to make a choice among them.
  • Using my own "Algorithm of a happy marriage", I managed to marry a successful loving and beloved man. I have been approaching my happiness myself, learning it the hard way and gaining priceless experience. My technique helped me to find the unique man: after 3 months since signing up on a dating website I met my husband, and a year later I was made a proposal!
  • In 2013 I founded a project "Boutique of Life Transformation by Julia Lanske" thanks to which each woman can find her loving and beloved worthy man, and create serious relationship and a happy marriage.


It is my mission-in-life. I thank my destiny for an opportunity to help women to disclose their originality, to change the look and to transform their inner world, and for the fact that I can lead them the proved way to true Love and Happiness. I believe that every woman deserves a happy relationship with a loving and beloved man!

On my website there is everything that will allow you to come from loneliness to a happy marriage!


Here you can find:

  • Announcements for vebinars, master classes and trainings
  • Valuable advice, where to get acquainted with men and to create harmonious relations, leading to a marriage
  • Useful videos and articles about communicating and building relations, how to find a good husband and to achieve a true sense of female happiness

And if you:

  • Want to say goodbye to loneliness forever and to meet your love
  • Dream to get acquainted and married to a successful loving and beloved man
  • Aim to choose the correct and happy scenario of a marriage...



Each week, I spend public seminars. On them you can get unique knowledge and effective tools to transform your life and get to know me better.