I wasn’t able to communicate with men at the first stage of acquaintance. I was afraid…



Tatyana came to the training-game «Secrets of «tasty» communication» with the most important problem for her, which is familiar to each lonely woman:

«I had a wish to be with My man at least in mature age. A man, who is more successful and attentive, than whose whom I met throughout my life. I understood that at my standard of living – it is almost impossible.

I wasn’t able to communicate with men at the first stage of acquaintance. I was afraid of more successful men, than I myself. I considered myself crude and insufficiently attractive.»

She realized that it was time to change her life and at last – to become happy. For this purpose Tatyana needed only one thing – to dare change everything:

«I understood long ago that I had grown up from that standard of living, from that level of men who were around me all my life. I felt a lack of space within my borders.

I decided that it was time to escape from this circle! It was important for me to become more distinguished in communication. I wanted to learn how to communicate freely in the society of other level.»

The training «Secrets of «tasty» communication» has a format of interactive game at which each participant perfects her skills of communication with men and receives real results even within education.

Here are Tatyana’s words about her progress:

«The most important thing, I have learned, is to keep the mouth shut sometimes. I always was rather sharp and straightforward – it just was my scourge.

I have learned new subjects for communication, understood, what is possible and necessary to talk about with men. The most important point is  – knowledge or vision of what is possible and necessary to talk about with men.»

«I have confidence that I am able to talk to people of higher status, and not only to men. There came a desire to get acquainted with people, and earlier there was only a fear, fear to look silly.

I have started a business, so important for me, in other words  –  I have got my mission in life»…

Even within the process of training most of participants start getting acquainted and actively communicate with men .

«During the training I had been already communicating online with 2 men! And while I i was writing to them, I realized that I was coming down to roles, so habitual for me – a mummy, a teacher, a headmistress…

Then I had fun about myself, I erased and again I wrote answers, continuing an easy and cheerful chat as studied at the training.

I am very grateful to Yulia Lanske, who teaches us, women, to live the worthy life. I consider that Yulia opens women’s eyes to a new world. And it is not rant — it is the real truth.»

Tatyana, from the training «Secrets of «tasty» communication»


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