Life begins at 40, now I know it! for sure


comm5Sometimes a woman’s life is to be rich and colouful, but neither the prospering career, nor popularity and financial wellbeing can replace the real female happiness.

Natalya (one of Yulia’s students) had been living such life before she came to studying. At the personal meeting with Yulia in Vienna she told her story:

«I am 42 years old. I worked. I had an excellent job, I worked at the Forbes magazine, I had a small business and a hobby. I had very active social life, I acted in advertizing and movies. The only thing I lacked  –  a person who would love and adore me… .whom we could enjoy life together with.

And when you want something very much, you find Yulia Lanske ….»

Natalya took the courses on successful communication and a successful marriage.

In the training she perfected the skills of communication with successful men and passed her personal transformation. It helped her to change and meet her man. She managed to achieve desirable result in a record time frame – in 3 weeks of acquaintance she married a statused and interesting man.

«Yes. In 3 weeks. We got acquainted, and I felt that he was such a family man, reliable, he had unbelievably beautiful eyes, a smile… He is well-off, educated. He rather open-minded… and I understood that … oh yes, he will be mine!»

At the end of the meeting Natalya gave advice to all women:

«The first thing you should work on – youself. To fall in love with youself and not to say: «I am who I am and that’s it!». It is necessary to develop, to study. Especially, when you have a worthy teacher. When I “cleaned” my environment, took care of my own life, there really came that man whom I had been longing for and whom I wanted. Really, what I dreamed of has come true and even more».


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